GL Photo Restoration

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Signer Needed "Recording Artist"

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Greenelite Studio is a Independent Film/Producer producing works such as Documentaries, Independent Films and Webseries. The music is for Commercial Use for soundtracks. We're working on finishing producing a soundtrack and have a few (3-4) tracks that needs a singer on the chorus. 40-50 Bucks per song for Audio Acapella of Chrous | Paypal Payment Only.
We're looking to pay 40 - 50 bucks per track. Short Chorus Recordings.

You MUST have voice recording software and microphone for submission.
No Studio time is required.
Clear and Clean Audio Free of Background Noise and Background Music.
Male and Female signers Needed.

Lyrics and Tracks is provided after agreement and contract is completed.
Music Genre: Soul, Pop, R&B and Rap. 

Let us know if your interested.
Thank you for your time.

iBelieve the series is a Supernatural Drama

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a believable take on a modern day Christian superhero that battles the evils of this world and offers counsel to those in distress. Minister Samson James David, the Junior Pastor of Christ’s Discipleship, possesses special GOD-given gifts fueled by his belief in the ALMIGHTY. His mentor, Pastor Johnson, helps to guide and keep him grounded as Samson, while blessed with many divine abilities, is still but an imperfect man. This story not only revolves around the two Ministers but also a select number of the church’s membership as well. Watch Minister David take up his cross; enduring the sufferings of this life and struggling with some personal demons of his own. Observe his affirmation: “I believe no demonic force nor any other being in existence can stand against the LOVE of and STRONG TOWER that is JESUS CHRIST"

Photoshop Tutorial | Basic Poster Design

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Photoshop Tutorial | Basic Poster Design,,

Aged Photo Tutorial

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Children Book & Animation Short

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I'm working on a children book call Izzy & The Tomato Bush! And these characters on the left came to me in a dream I had this morning. I original wanted to call them Jarheads but seeing that the name is already taken and also Jaja from Starwars "Jar Jar Binks".  I'm in the works of thinking of a name for them. They work at a futuristic dirty old convenient store, that sells everything from cigarettes, beer, music cd's, porn dvd's to the hottest electronics (iphones tablets, blackberries, old & new laptop's). Blaze is the oldest he's 33 and Ant is 29. I believe I'm going to creative another brother for them and make a short futuristic Jim Lujan style Animation and add some Jamie Hewlett style illustration. Ant & Blaze has a lot of kids between them, this is be a action comedy adventure short.

Oh and check out Rob's Animation Storyboard.

"If you build it they will come"

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"If you build it, t'he'y will come" - Field of Dreams is one of my favorite films.  I truly believe in this message and I'm always preaching it. I have seen hard work and daily dedication turn dreams into a reality. I love positive blogs, quotes and email newsletters, and if you do too, check out Steve Barnes and sign-up for his weekly sometimes daily positive email newsletter to help you stay focused on your dreams and life goals. I'm always faced with challenges and now my wisdom tooth is aching, but I'm still kicking, working on getting all the new photos edited and finishing up a few other projects for Greenelite. I started a part-time job and looking for more project work. Things are going good! I'm getting offers for more photography, videography and studio work. Thanks to everyone for your support! I love you! 

Event Photography

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Lizard in my Garden

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